1) I dont have an instrument. Where can I buy or rent one?

You can purchase or rent an instrument from the following stores:


Kawai Piano Gallery

Phone: 713-904-0001

Website: www.kawaipianohouston.com

Houston Piano Company

Phone: 713-898-9210

Website: www.houstonpianocompany.com

Fort Bend Music Center 

Phone: 281-494-5885

Website: www.fortbendmusiccenter.com

String instrument

Lisle Violin Shop

Phone: 713-526-4005

Website: https://www.violins.com/

Gold Violin Shop

Phone: 713-729-2231

Address: 7010 Mapleridge St  Houston, TX 77081

Amati Violin Shop

Phone: 713-666-6461

Address: 2315 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77005


Guitar Center Houston (Purchase only new and used)

Phone: 713-952-9070

Website: stores.guitarcenter.com/Houston

(Other locations in Katy, Sugar Land, Clearlake)

Rockin' Robin Guitars (Purchase only new and used)

Phone: 713-529-5442

Website: rockinrobinguitars.com

2) Why is the monthly tuition installment payment the same in December and May even though there are fewer lessons in those months?

We offer the installment payment option as a courtesy to make our program affordable to everyone. The tuition for Fall/Spring, along with the administrative fee, is divided evenly among nine monthly installments.

3) Why do you have such a strict attendance policy regarding absences?

We typically enroll more than 200 students per year. It is not possible to make up each and every missed lesson during the course of the school year. We offer up to TWO makeup lessons per semester for students taking private instrumental lessons to accommodate extracurricular activities and other schedule conflicts.  

We understand that emergencies do occur; however, in order to reduce the number of make-up lessons our staff will need to reschedule, we must adhere to our policy of only excusing absences that have been given at least 24 hours notice (see below).

Note: Students who require flexible scheduling throughout the school year are encouraged to sign up for ourPay-as-you-goprogram.

4) Why can’t my child have a make-up lesson if I did not inform my child’s instructor of the absence within 24 hours? There are days when my child wakes up sick on the day of the lesson.

We agree that there are instances that giving a 24 hour notice is not possible. However, as explained above, this is the only way for us to continue offering up to two make-up lessons per semester.  We require advance notice so that we have ample time to contact other students who need make-up lessons to come at your scheduled time. Likewise, when your child needs a makeup lesson, he or she may come at another students scheduled time. Note: applies to private instrumental lessons only.

5) Why cant my child have a make-up class for a group class?

Just as any educational institution, there are no make-up classes if you miss school.  The only circumstance where a make-up class would be scheduled would be when a teacher is absent and a substitute teacher is not available.  

6) Why cant I get a refund if my child misses a private lesson or group class?

Your tuition payment guarantees your designated curriculum on designated lesson dates and times. Like other educational institutions, you are responsible for the tuition of the program in which you enroll, whether or not you are in class. Our teachers do not enjoy losing 25% or more of their income due to studentsabsences.  

7) What will happen if my child misses numerous (four or more) private lessons in a semester?

Missed lessons after the second absence in any given semester will not be eligible for rescheduling.

If you miss more than 6 lessons (whether or not you give notification or receive makeup lessons), you will not be able to reserve a lesson time for the following year in our priority period for returning students, and you may be required to wait until the start of regular registration for new students.  

You will not receive a refund for any missed lessons. Refunds are only given if the student withdraws from The Moosic School.

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